South Yemen movement Protests

Thousands of people from the South Yemen movement Were in Aden demanding the separation from the north  During a South Yemen Movment Proterst

April 27,1994 Was when the civil war broke out between the south and north Yemen


Civil Disobedience in Aden and other Provinces

At least one person was wounded in the southern port of Aden during a bid for Yemen’s security forces to open streets for people in Al-Mola district after civil disobedience took place in the province.
Today, civil disobedience was carried out in Yemen’s business capital after youth across the country called for civil disobedience every Saturday and Wednesday.
Aden has been experiencing civil disobedience and escalating antigovernment protests for a fourth week.
Abyan and Lahj provinces joined to the call of carrying civil disobedience too.

He must leave and leave now

In the past 3 months  over a hundred people have died in Yemen. They are protesting for their freedom and simple rights,but the Yemeni forces use fire arms to get rid of the peaceful protesters.T he protesters are still there and wont leave and till al selah leaves. Ali sleah brought corruption into Yemen,separation between the people and Al Qadia. These protests  definitely united Yemen  to get rid of the deadly regime.

This was the seen on April 19,2011 in Aden City

Civil Disobedience in Aden

Many shops had been colsed and public places had been closed in aden City  as well many people didn’t go to school and didn’t go to work

These ammo shells were found on the ground

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Protest have said they have been paid money to be at the sleah protest